Patient and Family Engagement

Building Bridges

When health care organizations need help reaching out to patients and families, the Center for Patient Partnerships is there to help. For patients and families that need help understanding and processing their experiences, the Center is working on resources to help them get on solid ground. In addition to the resources outlined here, the Center is proud to offer in-person trainings.


Learning to Engage Patients, Together

HIPxChange is a training platform for healthcare professionals. The Center for Patient Partnerships is proud to create content for this important resource.


“Deeply Engaging Patients with a Mix and Match of Methods”

This training, developed by Assistant Director Sarah Davis and Dr. Nancy Pandhi, explores the ways medical researchers can better engage patients in their research. Engaging patients, according to one researcher, could make research “better: more relevant to patients, more likely to be funded, more likely to recruit participants, and in the end more likely to improve clinical practice and
patient experience.”

However, engaging patients and other stakeholders isn’t a straightforward process—there’s no established workflow for how it should happen. Trainings like these, created in partnership with a seasoned Center advocate, help researchers ensure their work is both rigorous and effectively engaging.


“Patient Engagement in Redesigning Care”

Healthcare organizations need to effectively engage patients as partners in their own treatment. In this training, we hope to teach organizations what that means. We provide information on how to involve patients, how to train professionals to connect with patients, and how to organize an effective coalition to redesign care with input from the patient perspective.

These kinds of guidelines, consistently followed, give organizations the opportunity to back up their support of patient engagement with real action. They create environments where patients can take charge, and providers can learn how valuable patient input can be.


A Platform For Change, created by researchers affiliated with the Center and HERN, or the Health Experiences Research Network, seeks to provide a platform to educate patients, caregivers, and others. The Center for Patient Partnerships is committed to supporting this platform as a tool to share our research findings in a democratic, approachable way.

This ongoing initiative has already produced results: a study and module titled “Young Adults’ Experiences With Depression.” Thirty-eight young adults were interviewed about their experiences with depression. Our faculty, in partnership with HERN, synthesized the trends they observed, and the results speak for themselves—a resource that is academically vetted, yet approachable, designed from the ground up to be useful to researchers and the public side-by-side.


Partnership Studies

The Center for Patient Partnerships is proud to be a Patient Engagement Research Affiliate of the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). The ICTR provides healthcare researchers with resources for engaging patients and other community partners in their studies and on their research teams, and the Center helps create, identify, and vet these resources.

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