Advocates’ Roles

An Advocate’s Place


As advocates, how can we effectively address the real issues patients are facing? How can we effect change on high-level policies while maintaining our ability to help patients on the ground? These resources offer the answers we’ve come up with to these important questions.


The Need for Access and Assistance

In the article “Educating, Enrolling, And Engaging: The State Of Marketplace Consumer Assistance Under The Affordable Care Act,” published in the December 2015 edition of Health Affairs, CPP staff Rachel Grob and associate Mark Schlesinger analyze how the Affordable Care Act can be accessible to ordinary Americans. They highlight local assister programs as vital to helping people navigate the process of getting ACA coverage.

These findings are critical to building an understanding of how the Affordable Care Act works, and how to make it work for everyone. Without a practical understanding of how people find coverage, institutions are unable to help people get the care they need. The Center remains committed to studying ways to improve access to care from the inside out.


Helping Patients Find the Help They Need

Our Resource Navigator program connects resourceful undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin with real patients in need. Through this program, students gain direct experience working to advocate and advise patients in the system, and patients get crucial access to programs and offers they might never have found otherwise.

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