At the Center for Patient Partnerships, we see all our initiatives as crucially related. Without education, no one would understand our approach to patient care. Without real-world stories from our advocacy and evidence found by way of rigorous research, we wouldn’t have a case to make to policymakers. In this way, all of our work is connected and equally important—like a balanced ecosystem, each initiative affects our whole project.

Take a look at the chart below:



In this visual example of one way our endeavors enrich one another, our advocacy work includes University of Wisconsin students through educational programs. Our research efforts focus on offering evidence, through a diverse representation of patient voices, of issues our advocates and students encounter every day. The knowledge gained by our research can then be used to implement policies which, in turn, addresses the issues that we initially identified as advocates. The circle completes itself.

These connections are visible in how we work, and how we work together. Our Research and Policy teams don’t just benefit from each others’ work—they actively work together to pursue their related goals.

Take a look at our Research and Policy Overview sections, or take a look at the sidebar, to see why, and how, this connection is working.

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