Engagement Advisory Committee

Seeking Patients/Caregivers for Advisory Committee about Stakeholder Engagement in Health Care Services Research

Have you ever wished a process in your hospital or clinic could be improved?

Would you like to help researchers make the healthcare system better for everyone?

The Center for Patient Partnerships is seeking “Patient Partners” to serve on an Advisory Committee to help them design training for researchers. See job description below, and apply here.

engagementJob Description for Patient Partners on CPP’s Engagement Advisory Committee


  • Help the Center for Patient Partnerships (CPP) create trainings and tools for researchers who are engaging patients and other key people in their health services research projects to make sure the engagement is meaningful and valuable for everyone.

Your Role

  • Make sure we teach researchers what patients want them to know about involving patients in research
  • Help us design the training so it will help researchers be good partners with patients

Why you can help

  • Your experience receiving health care is important
  • You know what works in health care for you, your family, and friends and what needs improvement
  • You want to learn and help improve health care delivery for all
  • You listen and are willing to share your opinion about how researchers can best involve patients

Your Responsibilities                                   ear

  • Attend three 2-hour meetings – in (1) November, (2) January or February, (3) May or June
  • Share your honest opinion about the training plan and content we ask you to review
  • Review any short readings we give you before the meeting

CPP will provide:

  • Pay for your help: $75 for each meeting
  • Transportation or technology support to join meetings, if needed
  • Food and drink at meetings
  • Training and support:
    • Information about this project
    • How research works
    • The what, why, and how of the meetings
    • How to best help and share ideas


  • Contact Sarah Davis, sarah.davis@wisc.edu or (608) 265-6267.

Become a part of the Advisory Committee

Apply here.

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Funding for this project from the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research


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