An Ounce of Prevention…


Our advocates serve patients who need help right now. Our researchers turn this work into usable data. Our educators use these findings to communicate the need for patient-centered care to future healthcare professionals.

Our policymakers take this work full circle. If our advocates are the ‘cure,’ our policy initiatives are the ‘prevention’—and while our advocacy work is at the core of what we do, a little prevention goes a long way. One bad policy can impact thousands of patients. By changing healthcare policy, we attack problems at their roots in the system.

Over time, this kind of permanent change creates an unimaginable impact.


Bringing Patients to the Boardroom


Too much healthcare policy is made behind closed doors, by doctors, business professionals, and politicians. Too much policy is made without the input of the group it impacts most—patients.

At the Center for Patient Partnerships, we strive to be a megaphone for patient experiences. In order for patient issues to be properly addressed, patient voices must be represented at the policymaking table. In a variety of ways, we work to make this happen.

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