Director’s Welcome

Dear Friends:


Whether you are a patient looking for help navigating your health care journey, or a clinician, student, educator, advocate, researcher, health systems innovator, or concerned citizen looking for ways to fully engage patients’ voices in reimagining health care, we’re glad you found us. Launched nearly 20 years ago when the cry for patient engagement was barely detectable, the Center for Patient Partnerships is delighted to have built a deep portfolio of research, teaching, and expertise grounded in patients’ daily experiences.patients’ daily experiences.

We work on 3 levels: individual, organizational, and policy/system change.

  • On the individual level, we teach future professionals from various disciplines how to be true partners as they provide direct advocacy support to patients and families. We stay close to today’s patients and communities, and we help ensure real human experiences shape tomorrow’s professionals.
  • On the organizational level, we advise health care organizations engaging patients in system redesign to ensure that the proposed changes actually do improve care for patients and their health care teammates. We also help clinicians and health systems develop effective ways to screen and refer patients with socioeconomic needs to resources. Consulting, toolkits — we offer our expertise in many forms.
  • On the policy and system change level, we research and disseminate knowledge about patients’ experiences of illness and health care, the science of patient voice elicitation, and when we see concerning trends in our patient’s cases, we take on the policy cause to make it right for ALL patients. Check out our publications here.

If this sounds ambitious, it’s because it is. We are driven by a keen awareness of the importance of work like ours that is grounded in the experiences of patients and communities, and profoundly motivated to reclaim notions like “patient-centered care” and “value-based care” from the clutches of marketing and
billing departments.

If health care in the United States is ever to be about health and caring, patients, clinicians and all concerned citizens must come together every day to make bold, value driven decisions where profit is not the prime motive. Our goal is to help ensure all involved are effectively prepared and informed for that process.

Let us know how we can co-create the future with you!

Meg Gaines


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