Our Approach

Real Experience, Real Learning


Our educational programs provide a student-centered learning opportunity, with a particular emphasis on helping patients, advocates, and future providers learn to work in real collaboration. Learning to attend to patients’ voices and consider their experiences are central themes in our curriculum.

We aspire less to tell you about patient advocacy and more to help you discover for yourselves what this rich, growing field holds for you. We commit to creating the type of learning environment – safe, open, caring, respectful, and robust – that nurtures lifelong learning and the relationships formed in the process.

Our programs are:

  • Flexible: You can complete our program in a gap-year or at a more reflective pace.
  • EngagingLearning at the Center is an interactive, multimedia learning experience.
  • InterprofessionalBoth our students and faculty come from diverse and interprofessional backgrounds.
  • IndividualOur students experience personalized learning that is tailored to fit their unique interests and goals.
  • Social: Our courses are infused with cooperative peer activities and collaboration that foster a unique community of learners.
  • Welcoming: We’ve worked hard to create a warm and inviting space where technology facilitates rather than interferes with your learning.
  • Hands-On: Students learn by working directly with clients under the guidance of faculty in our experiential courses.

If you are interested in finding education at the Center, please check the menu to the right for specific opportunities.

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