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The Center for Patient Partnerships
University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School
975 Bascom Mall, Suite 4311
Madison, WI 53706-1399


Finding Our Office

We are located in the Law Building, which is on the south side of Bascom Hill (just off North Park Street which intersects with University Avenue). We are located in the east side of the Law Building on the fourth floor.


Campus Map

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If You Drive

If you are driving, the Lake Street ramp is the closest place to park. Enter the ramp on Lake and walk out of the north exit. Turn RIGHT and walk NORTH on Lake Street until you get to State Street. Turn LEFT and walk WEST on State Street towards Library Mall. The University Bookstore will be on your left and the Memorial Library, Library Mall fountain, and State Historical Society Building will be on your right. Continue WEST as you walk over Park Street via the Humanities Building Archway and begin up Bascom Hill. The first building on your left will be Music Hall. The second, after you go up the hill a bit, is the Law School. Go in the big glass doors and walk to the back of the building. Take the elevator on your left to 4R and exit the elevator by the rear door. Our offices, Suite 4311, 4312, and 4313, are the first ones on the floor as you get off of the elevator.


If You Take the Bus

If you are taking the bus, go to the intersection of University and Park streets. Walk north on Park Street towards Lake Mendota and take the first LEFT onto Lathrop Drive. Walk up the hill, past the first building which is Music Hall to the second building which is the Law Building. The entrance is about 100 yards up the hill from Park Street. Walk in the large glass doors and take the elevator immediately on your right up to 4R. Our offices are in Suite 4311, 4312, and 4313, which are the first offices on the floor after you exit the elevator out of the rear door.

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