We work to empower patients in the healthcare system. We advocate for patients and their families, educate future professionals, and perform research to help make medicine more inclusive. The Center for Patient Partnerships’ mission is to engender effective partnerships among people seeking healthcare, people providing healthcare, and people making policies that guide the healthcare system. We do this in four interconnected ways:

  • Advocacy: We accompany and assist patients with serious illnesses on their journeys through the healthcare system.
  • Education: We educate students from all disciplines to engage in effective, compassionate advocacy.
  • Policy: We work with patients to influence health policy and encourage the healthcare system to meaningfully respond to patient experiences.
  • Research: We study advocacy’s impact and promote best practices for the industry based on our findings.


We need your help to continue this essential work. There’s no better way to support meaningful change in healthcare than to give today.


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Main Number: 608-264-5267
Advocacy Services Phone: 608-890-0321
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