Our Work. Your Voice. Full Circle.

Sometimes, advocating for patients in this system across the country, we are troubled. Troubled that many patients live without access to the care they need, and without us to help them find it. This unfortunate fact is why our Research and Policy initiatives are so important. We want to create a platform to relate our experiences, in partnership with patients, to help change the whole system for the better.

At the Center for Patient Partnerships, we think that the healthcare system needs to listen more to the people it serves—its patients. As advocates, we have the unique opportunity to act as a bridge between patients and professionals. However, effective communication isn’t always easy. Different groups within the healthcare system have different ways of speaking and understanding.


Proving It.


Research is a way we turn stories into something concrete to share, taking patient experiences and translating them into data for caregivers, academics, and policymakers. The evidence we offer serves to shine a light on healthcare in the trenches.

We share stories of patients in the system all the time. However, to make change within the system, stories alone aren’t enough. Our research, performed in partnership with scholars and students from across the country, transforms anecdotes into vivid depictions of real problems, requiring real solutions.


Take a look at some of our work today.

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